Fresh Meet

The artist's career doesn't start after graduation but begins in their freshman year, however, that doesn't mean first year Pratt students have access to all the answers they want.  Fresh Meet exists to better assist and prepare freshman and first year transfer students for their coming years at Pratt.  Once a year, in the spring, we gather upperclassmen representatives from each major and discipline to talk to freshman about their experience. This is an opportunity for underclassmen to ask questions of their seniors regarding classes, work load, electives, professors, internships, anything they're curious about, and to build a network within Pratt.   

Gotham Tours

Occurring twice a year, once in the Fall and again in the Spring, Gotham Tours is a week long event in which we coordinate field trips to various companies in the New York area. Not only a fun excursion, the program aims to show students what a creative workspace environment can look like, as well as introduce them to leaders and employers from companies across New York.           

Past tours have included: 
Titmouse, Inc.
Black Balloon Publishing
Hearst Corporation

All programs are run by the Career Ambassadors for the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) at Pratt Institute.   

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