Current Ambassadors:

Bree Balsamo is a senior writing student. Since her freshman year, she has strived to have an active role on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. As a Career Ambassador, she hopes to continue to help students learn about the resources they have as Pratt Students.

Past Ambassadors:
Jil Berenblum, Industrial Design, 2017
Jazz Seijii, Art Therapy, 2016
Christina Nahas, Graphic Design, 2017
Diana Li, Film/Video, 2017
Adrienne Arthur, Industrial Design, 2015
Kat Holland, Fashion Design, 2016
Britt Gettys, Writing, 2015
Christina Bull, Graphic Design, 2015
Craig Alexander Hartl, Industrial Design 2015
Carolyn Greene, Interior Design 2015.
Kathryn Moy, Industrial Design 2014.
Jenny ElfanbaumIndustrial Design 2013.
Becky Pierson, Architecture 2011. 
Michelle Angelosanto, Graphic Design 2012.
Angeline Ucci, Advertising / Art Direction 2012.
Christee Curran, Illustration 2011.
Raymond Miller, Film 2011.
Annie Beth Ericsson, Illustration 2010.
Micah Bozeman, Sculpture 2010.

Clara Wanatirta, History of Art and Design 2012.
Leigh Hurwitz, History of Art and Design/ Library Sciences 2012.
Sophie BuonomoHistory of Art and Design 2013.
Tiffany Von CannonHistory of Art 2013.
Carolyn OsorioTheory, Criticism and History of Art 2013.
Janine Sleem, History of Art and Design 2013.
Jessica Kwasniak, Creative Writing 2014.
Cat Metayer, Writing, 2010
Ryan Turley, Sculpture, 2011