December 8, 2015

Super Meet Up

The Center for Career and Professional Development sponsored an amazing creative mind Meetup on October 15th. Seventy students, alumni, and professionals came out to mingle and network in Lower Manhattan. Along with all the wonderful connections made, there was a great presentation with many tips on how to build and market your creative career. As we get closer to graduating and entering the real world, it is extremely important to know how to present and discuss the work you create.

  1. Be an expert about the business! Do some research on your potential employer and try to get a feel for what kind of statement they made through their work. It will make you valuable to the company and also ensure that you are in an environment that you can learn and grow in. Everyone should know the BIG PICTURE. Think beyond the nitty gritty details, and be analytic about the projects as a whole. Why are you working on this? How will it help your career goals?
  2. Be a 360 thinker. No matter what your specialty is, you have to think about every aspect of a project. Here’s a cool story: when Ludacris approached the LMHQ and wanted to create a specialty cognac, the company had to think about every aspect of design and marketing. How would it be ordered at a bar? What would the packaging look like on a grocery store shelf? All of these details went into creating a successful final product.
  3. Learn how to challenge the status quo with powerful business ideas. Have a reason behind every creative idea, never answer with “just because.” Store experience and learn how to critically explain your work!
  4. Want to get noticed? Keep your email short and simple. Imagine your potential boss putting her children to bed and only having an hour at night to go through her inbox. Put yourself ahead and keep the body of the email short, and if you have a link to your website, include it! The more concise your introduction, the more likely an employer will look at the work.    
  5. During the interview, don’t just show your work, show the way you think and how the work was produced. Employers want to know if you understand the work and how it challenged you! Show your personality and show how you have the potential to fit into a certain company with both your work and your intellect.
  6. Pay attention to the process, try to get an understanding for the company you are applying to and for the type of people you would be working with. There is no point in working with a company that you aren’t excited about. Recognize the ways that you and your work could improve from spending time with a specific company and make the experience special. Be in tune with the company, understand what kind of culture they are trying to cultivate through the work and the clientele that they take on.  

I hope these tips help you while you search for an internship or a potential job! Keep an eye out for upcoming events like this, where you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals in your field and Pratt alumni!

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