November 25, 2015

When Applying To Grad School...

If you’re considering grad school as an option after graduation, here’s a list of 16 helpful tips and things to consider:

  1. Think about whether you want to work in an area where career opportunities are limited without an advanced degree
  2. If you want to pursue a PhD, know that you do not need a Masters degree to apply, although you will need an undergraduate degree
  3. You may want to research graduates from the program, and see where they are working. LinkedIn can be very useful when approaching this  
  4. Know that PhD graduate schools are looking for good researchers, therefore you will want research experience
  5. When applying to schools, applications are typically due by December or January
  6. Apply to as many programs as you can, preferably 4 or 5
  7. Keep in mind that the application form will ask you for a list of individuals who will be writing letters of recommendation
  8. In your statement of purpose state your interest in the program and goals
  9. You will be asked for samples of your work depending on the program
  10. Registration for the GRE exam takes time
  11. You will need 3 or 4 letters of recommendation from individuals who are in the field and can articulate why you fit in the particular program. These people can be a faculty members, supervisors, or mentors
  12. Interviews are often scheduled for February and March. Select intelligent questions you want to ask during the interview!
  13. When visiting the campus, you will need to be on your best behavior and dress appropriately, what you choose to wear should be neat and professional
  14. After any visit/interview send a follow up email reiterating your interest in the program and thank them for their time
  15. When hearing back from schools confirm your receipt of their letter while you wait on results from other schools

Hope this was helpful, & for more graduate school information visit

++ Samantha Harvey will be running a graduate school workshop in the CCPD office Wednesday December 2nd at 2PM, be sure to go if you’re thinking of/or are applying to graduate school programs in the coming year. She is awesome & can help you a ton!  

Happy thanksgiving!!