October 20, 2015

Stress Crunch

Since the semester has picked up, and most of us have midterms along with many other things in our mind; we (Career Ambassadors), asked members of the office to share some self-care tips or things that help them manage/cope with stress.

1. Candle lit bath
3. Wander Prospect Park
4. Take a bootcamp class then fall asleep
5. Mindful movement (total awareness of breathness in movement)
6. Hot Yoga at Sacred & this week it’s *pay as you wish*
7. $7 Pedi @ Charming
8. TUMBLR feed!
9. Puppy parkssss
10. Sundays @ UCB Theatre for some $5 laughs
11. Ambient music such as ‘Stars of the Lid’ or Brian Eno’s Ambient work(s) 1-4

Hope you all made it through midterms, and let’s kill the rest of this semester!