June 5, 2015

Radio Talk with Nico Teitel

The Career Ambassadors first witnessed Nico Teitel’s vibrant personality when she attended one of our Gotham Tours where we visited Titmouse. Teitel is a Junior 2D Animation major and volleyball player. This semester I got the chance to talk to Teitel about her experience working on campus as a General Manager of the Radio Station and a worker in the Department of Digital Arts Resource Center (DDA Resource Center).

Teitel is on the left

The process of finding a job is always different, and Teitel’s experience shows the importance of  networking. “During my freshman year, I found the radio station to be an interesting part of Pratt life, especially since I am all about finding bizarre music and getting it out there. All of the radio station’s current staff were seniors and were graduating so when little old sophomore me decided to ask about the position, they were happy to hire me. As for the Resource Center, I was friends with all the employees. So when one of my close friends was given the chance to pick and choose who she wanted to hire, I was one of her selections. I worked at the monitor desk, and eventually I was promoted.”

Teitel has a number of responsibilities at both jobs. At the radio station, she is a co-executive branch with the Technology Manager. This managerial position requires her to communicate with advisors, maintain daily communication as well as run the staff meetings. At the DDA Resource Center, she is the librarian for equipment. DDA students come to the desk and check out equipment, and she has to keep record of who brings back the equipment and who doesn’t.

Working at both Pratt Radio Station as well as the DDA center has helped Teitel both in her school work and her life. “The great thing [about working on campus] is your boss and fellow employees always understand that school will come first. In my experience working on campus, I have never had a manager that said otherwise. And working at the radio station has improved my audio in my animations, and working at the Resource Center taught me how to stay organized and work under a supervisor. One of the things I like about being a manager at the radio station is that it has given me the ability to be a strong leader, and that is really important in the animation field where every job is a team effort.”

In her work experience, Teitel is most proud of her contribution to the radio station. “When the former leaders of the Pratt Radio graduated, they left us a broken machine and really didn’t show us how to fix it. Getting the station back on air was a high point itself, and now, even though it is still super temperamental, the machine at least works a little bit better.”

And her advice to students is food for thought. “You really have to think about everything you need to do all the time. The moment you stop thinking about your other responsibilities is the moment something falls through the cracks. I find writing things down really beneficial. Also, it is okay to ask for help. Everyone has something to bring to the table and Pratt has a structure that is meant to solve campus problems.”

Check out Teitel’s work at nicoteitel.tumblr.com. To learn more about Pratt students and successful alumni, as well as see what awesome events we have going on, follow the Career Ambassadors on Twitter (@PrattSuccess) and find us on Facebook (Pratt Success)!

Written by: Bree Balsamo

Image provided by: Nicole Teitel

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