May 13, 2015

Jewelry Enthusiasts, Here is the Inside Scoop on Pamela Love!


On April 17th, I was lucky enough to go on my first
Gotham Tour where we visited Pamela Love! The five of us made our way out of Brooklyn and into Manhattan excited beyond belief and ready to learn about this awesome entrepreneur. When we arrived, the first thing that struck me was the ambiance of the studio.  It was the kind of environment where creativity flourishes and then is manifested into jewelry.

On the guided tour led by Pamela herself, she showed us through the studio where we saw the different aspects of her business. First on the tour was the gallery showroom where she talks to buyers about her collection. From there we saw the jewelry benches, the fabrication manager, the logistics center and the part of the studio where designs are created. I had the chance to see the different elements that make up a successful business, which is important information to have, especially for those of us who do not know exactly where we would fit into a business model or if one day we hope to create our own own businesses.

Pamela also introduced us to her design process by showing us her concept boards and preliminary sketches. We got to see one of her staff members demonstrate how they use Rhino to create a digital mold of the piece. A student asked her what she thought about seasonal trend forecasts. She replied that it can seriously hurt creativity because designers often end up creating a lot of similar work, which then doesn’t encourage them to have creativity in their work. I felt that as designers who strive to express something particular, Pamela’s advice can really help those of us concerned about where our inspiration should come from and what we ought to be considering.

Getting to see Pamela Love’s design process along with the different parts of the firm really gave us an extensive view of what it means to be part of a creative companies that Pratt students will apply to for internships and full-time positions.


Written by: Jil Berenblum
Images by: Jil Berenblum and Shannon O’Brian

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