April 17, 2015

Inside Track Into Industry: Media

On November 4th, 2014 I had the opportunity to attend Inside Track into Industry: Media at Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. This series of events are thrown by the Center for Career & Professional Development, and exist to provide an opportunity to gain knowledge about the inside processes of an industry.

In the Engineering building there was an auditorium filled with bright students from different departments and our awesome Pratt alumni, and all were ready to learn about digital channels and digital design. The format of the event was a panel where professionals discussed and compared their ideas about New Media.

A key point from the discussion focused around the existence of new mediums and ways to use technology (such as motion programs).. The use of marketing in social media via programs like Facebook was also a hot topic since it plays a big role in this new platform.

The professionals were asked how they ended up in their positions, and their responses were quite varied. One person realized they they wanted to do something related to technology and design and explained how technology is a passion that drives his work. Another mentioned that the idea of becoming a storyteller is what drove her to develop an interest in New Media.

The Inside Track into Industry series has ended for the spring semester but will be back with new ideas and fresh faces in the Fall 2015 semester. To find out when events like this and other great offerings are happening, connect with us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Written by: Jazz Seijii Hernandez

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