March 25, 2015

Internship Access: March 2015

March 5, 2015 was an awesome day at the Internship Access event held by the Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD). Pratt students had a chance to hear from seven recruiters who shared information about their respective companies’ internship programs and answered questions from the crowd.

Bija KidsFirst up was Bija Kids - we heard from Lauren Maples (Director) and Mitch Epeneter (Assistant Director). They are not searching for a specific major in their intern. Instead, they are looking for someone interested in a work environment that encourages you to find your own answers [Googling it is okay] and has a drive to develop their own professional skills as a creative.
To apply, email Mitch ( with a statement about who you are, a list of your five-year goals/plans, and why you are a good fit for Bija Kids.

FUN FACTS: the company name Bija means seed in Sanskrit // there is a Pratt alum working there currently

Gallim Dance
Next we got to hear from Gallim Dance - Matthew Martine (Operations Manager) shared some background about the company and what they are seeking in an intern. They are looking for fresh and new designers to collaborate and create an exciting feel for the brand.

Calling all graphic designers, writers, videographers, creative writers, and advertising personnel -- there may be a spot here for you! Gallim Dance is looking for self-starters who ask questions and are autonomous workers.

Go to to see what positions are available and follow the instructions listed there to apply.

Izaskun Zabala
Third on the list was Izaskun Zabala - the founder Izaskun spoke to the crowd and shared her entrepreneurial background and what she is looking for in an intern. She frames the experience that the intern has around her own experiences and expectations - you have the opportunity to be involved in every step of the process from sourcing jewels and metals to helping create jewelery.

She is flexible with interns and understands that you don’t necessarily enter the internship with all the knowledge of a process. As long as you are willing to learn and take it seriously, she is willing to work with you and help you gain said knowledge.

To apply, email Izaskun at with your resume and a cover letter.

Uprise Art
We heard from Uprise Art - Whitney Shaw (Gallery Director) spoke to the group. The company looks to connect artist with collectors and has an online storefront. They are a small team with people who are wearing multiple hats. Their office is looking for someone with curatorial skills, digital marketing, and photography (although not necessarily altogether). An intern should be resourceful, asking him/herself how you can further this project; creative; aware of the need for timeliness; have good communication skills; and have the desire to have fun. They are looking for experience and how you communicate your ideas -- both visually and in your language.

To apply, send an email to Whitney for the application information. In your application you will submit a small writing sample and portfolio of past projects.

Worry Free Labs
Next up was Worry Free Labs - Micah Heiselt (Director of UX) shared some information. They are app designers and have more designers than developers on their team. The company is selective in its growth and looking for people who will be a good fit for the team.

Expectations for interns include being proactive and being a person who learns how to figure out how to do things (as a hint, Google is a good place to start), as well as a solid portfolio coming into their program. Their key word is “it depends” -- their knowledge base and flexibility are integral aspects of their business. 

To apply, email According to Micah, they are more portfolio focused than resume focused. In the portfolio they are looking for type, polished design work, finding out more about your role in group projects, and learning more about what is your process.

FUN FACT: Worry Free Labs just hired their first Pratt alum!

Satya Jewelry
We got to hear from Satya Jewelry - Emily Petersen (Marketing Coordinator) spoke to the group. They have a team of people who wear multiple hats, with two stores in Manhattan and a third opening in the coming weeks. 

E-commerce is a major platform for them as well. The intern will get a portfolio building experience working here, and they are searching for graphic designers, photographers and videographers. They want a self-starter who thinks about the end goal and what the plan is to get to that point, and a person who can closely work with their Art Director.

To apply, send an email to Emily with a cover letter and your resume. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The MP Shift
Last but not least we were introduced to The MP Shift - Amy Morris (Co-founder) and Anna Polonsky (Co-founder). Amy and Anna do it all - branding, concept and launch - which is a unique concept. As they are both design and business driven, you would benefit from having access to both of these perspectives. The intern will be working on actual projects and developing opportunities, along with enriching their database. They are looking for thinkers, people who are resourceful and people who are involved in the New York community.

To apply, send an email to Provide a cover letter and your resume and try to keep in mind some of the above information to enhance your application.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Internship Access event on March 5th, check out the CCPD Issuu for more information on the companies and what they are looking for in their interns. To find out what other events are being held by the CCPD, check out the home page of your Pratt Pro account.
Written by:
Emilie Buse
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