December 3, 2014

Internship Access: School of Design

On November 6th I attended a CCPD event called Internship Access: School of Design. Internship Access is a series of networking and recruiting events designed to promote different internship programs and to establish relationships between students and businesses. The event began with individual presentations of the different internship programs and ended with an opportunity for students to network in a casual setting.

Before attending the event, students submitted a resume on their Pratt Pro accounts so it would be sent out to all the companies who attended - pretty cool right? If you missed out, don’t worry about it - we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the companies that attended with a brief summary of who they are and what they’re looking for in interns:

Jared Sherman Epps

Jared Sherman Epps is an interior design firm specializing in residential and hospitality design, and they are located just a couple blocks away from Pratt in Clinton Hill. Jared Epps, the company’s founder, actually graduated from Pratt with a degree in Interior Design. He was recently awarded "Best of 2014" by, and “18 Designers to Watch” by Boutique Design Magazine. His company has done work all over the world for a number of different clients, including the Trump Hotel in Dubai and Harrow Art Hotel in Africa.

They are looking for interns who have previous program/job experience and who are proficient in computer programs/rendering. Interns must have a professional and positive attitude as interns will receive real world experience like client interaction and on site experience.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you plan on applying keep in mind that Jared Sherman Epps strongly recommends that you have references.


Papercutz is the #1 children’s graphic novel publisher in the United States. Located in the financial district, they are the only North American stand alone publisher in the United States. They publish about 50 - 60 books a year and are currently working with companies like Nickelodeon, Lego, Smurfs, Disney, Dreamworks and WWE. Along with advertising and graphic design, Papercutz also works with relettering and translation of European book imports.

Papercutz is looking for Graphic Design and Advertising/Art Direction majors for their internship program. Duties and projects will include creating digital previews of Papercutz titles, creating graphics for marketing use, assistance with social media campaigns and building and maintenance of Papercutz websites. The internship is 12 weeks long and unpaid.


Barker is a multi-disciplinary advertising and interactive agency. They’re an integrated industry working across multiple platforms. Barker prioritizes helping their clients and promoting business strategy - which has proven to be an obvious success because they’ve won 35 awards in the past year. There are currently 25 people working for this company.

Barker internships offer workplace flexibility - they value the actual work, not necessarily where it gets done. So as long as the work gets done on time, the intern will be able to occasionally work from home.

GOOD TO KNOW: When considering applying, you should know that they end up hiring 89% of their interns.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We all know who this company is - but did you know that the MET has their own in house design studio? The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the United States and the third largest art museum in the world. They have two design departments in the MET design studio: Communication Design and Exhibition Design.

Communication Design interns should show proficiency with Adobe Creative Cloud and exhibition designers should be knowledgeable with Vectorworks, Rhino and AutoCad. Interns must able to meet deadlines and have a professional/ positive attitude. As an intern, you will be very integrated into working at the Met, as interns work collaboratively with all departments in the MET. 


TVI is a company specializing in branding, design, development and marketing who have worked with over 200 companies around the USA. They offer a breadth of creative and marketing services. TVI even has an in house innovations lab, where they’ve developed/launched their own products like Bubble Ball - a huge blow up ball that you can be worn comfortably around the body by adjusting shoulder straps and holding on to handles in the core of the bubble ball (seen below). They have worked with clients like TAO, Jimanos Pizza, NASA and Universal Music Group.

TVI’s company consists of about 20 people and is fun, flexible and allows you to occasionally work from home. During their presentation, TVI emphasized the fact that interns will be able to create an impressive portfolio.


Quirky is a company that turns ideas into reality. They bring new consumer ideas to the market every week.The awesome thing about Quirky is that the consumer comes up with the idea for the product then Quirky designers/ employees turn that idea into a reality. You can submit your own ideas and/or critique other people’s ideas for new products.

Quirky is looking for Industrial Design, Graphic Design and UI majors for internships. During their presentation, Quirky stressed that when you submit your portfolio for internships, think about who is going to be seeing it. Recruiting managers are NOT artists, so make sure your portfolio is short, concise and impressive.

GOOD TO KNOW: They are accepting internship applications now, but if you’re looking for a summer internship make sure you apply in January.


David Yum Architects

David Yum Architects is an architecture and interior design studio with locations in New York, the West Coast, Hawaii and Asia. They specialize in residential and institutional architecture and interior design, as well as historic preservation, furniture/fixture design, landscape design and more.

The studio emphasizes focus on research and critical thinking. Located in Downtown Manhattan, their New York firm consists of 46 employees. Internships are geared towards Interior Design students. Interns will work an average of 20 hours per week, but have the option to work a minimum of 16 hours per week.



Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with more than 5000 employees in 65 cities. They have a full in-house creative production team and studio team. These teams work with some of the biggest and most exciting brands - not to mention they have won multiple awards. In one of their most recent projects, they collaborated with “The World’s Most Interesting Man”, the Dos Equis advertisement character, for a Cinco de Mayo themed campaign.

Edelman is looking for a design intern with a diverse skill set who is able to maintain a positive, professional attitude. On their internship job board they state, “We don’t care whether you aspire to be a copywriter, an art director, a coder, a designer, or a planner. What’s important is the way you look at the world and your ability to come up with cut-through ideas and present them in a compelling way. An experience at Edelman is a very real opportunity for you to flex your creative muscle and have an immediate impact on some of the world’s leading brands.”

GOOD TO KNOW: Their internships are open application.

Warren Red

Warren Red is an architecture, interior design and branding firm specializing in hospitality design, with a focus on creating complete branded environments. They have worked on everything from hospitality projects in the United States to large public arts and residential projects in Australia and New Zealand. Their interior design, architect and graphic design employees often collaboratively work with fashion designers and landscape designers.

Warren Red is located in a small, charming office near Madison Square Park in Manhattan. They are seeking interns with proficient design and communication skills as well as a positive outlook and independence.



PVH is one of the world’s leading clothing brand owners. Their diversified portfolio consists of brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Speedo and much, much more. They’re a huge company with more than 30,000 employees all over the world.

Their 10-week, paid internship is a structured program, giving interns exposure through training & development seminars, networking events and group/ individual projects. PVH is looking for current sophomores and junior apparel design, web design, graphic design and interior design majors. PVH is looking for ambitious students with leadership capabilities and a passion for the fashion industry.

GOOD TO KNOW:Their summer internship application deadline is December 6th, so if you’re interested in applying - start your application soon!

Internship Access: School of Design was my first experience where a company pitched their program to me, and I found it to be very informative and less stressful than an internship fair. I also got the chance to network after the presentations and speak to my companies of interest, so it worked out!

The next Internship Access event will be for the School of Information and Library Science, and it is coming up in February. More information will be made available closer to the date, and the registration link will be posted as an announcement on your Pratt Pro account -- if you don’t have one, go sign up (PSSST: it’s free)!

Written by: Christina Nahas
Images from individual company websites, not for reuse.

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