February 12, 2013

Student Leader Art Exhibition

Reviewed by Britt Gettys
Photos by Darryl Halickman

November 2012  through January 2013, the The Fish Bowl Gallery played host to a collection of work created by Pratt Institute’s student leaders.  The Student Leader Art Exhibition not only celebrated the work of our student body’s leaders but created a forum for Pratt students to learn about the different leadership roles on campus and what each role entails.   

Fingers Free Flatware by Samantha Nania

The opening night of the exhibition saw a turnout of some fifty plus students, mixing and mingling with Pratt’s Resident Advisors, Peer Councilors and Advisors, Greek Life, Orientation Staff, and Student Government Officials, as well as various other leadership representatives.  In an atmosphere of celebration and community, leaders mentored freshman and encouraged upperclassman to participate in student leadership roles, all the while surrounded by an impressive mix of artistic works.

Student Leaders Mingling with Pratt Students

The works themselves spanned a variety of mediums, from sculpture to printmaking, as well as a multitude of forms.  Christina Bull’s Pratt Map, a hand drawn, geometric map of Pratt’s campus, adorned a wall with Tri Vo’s Do Ask Do Tell, a pastel commentary on a gay rights, alongside Britt Gettys’ graphic novel panel, Titanium Screw.  While small alcoves on the adjacent wall showcased Samantha Nania’s Fingers Free Flatware, silverware one can wear as jewelery, Samantha Harvey’s Underwhat?, a pack of flash cards depicting different underwear styles, and Darrly Halickman’s Comfort Zones, three color darkroom prints excerpted from a larger body of work. 

Diagnostik in Yellow, by Carolyn Osorio 
Underwhat by Samantha Harvey

Printmaking Quilt by Casey Sobel
The edgy, the conceptual, and the traditional all came together for The Student Leader Art Exhibition, an event that did more than showcase artistic expression, it showed the ways in which different types of art can fit together into a whole and bring a community of leaders closer together.

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