December 11, 2012

Jihoon Yang @ EastOne Gallery

By: Carolyn Osorio , Theory, Criticism and History of Art Undergraduate Student (2013)

The current collection of works on display in the EastOne Gallery create an emotional visual experience filled with examination and curiosity. Jihoon Yang’s series, titled Instinctive Landscape, shows an artist who is both exploratory as well as reflective through his oil paintings. “I as a Follower 1” displays the murky blue world of the artist’s creation while a ghost like figure seems to float endlessly into the canvas. The emotionality of the work makes it stand out amongst its peers while the ephemeral white figure haunts the viewer long after they’ve left the gallery.

                Another theme within Yang’s work is the analysis of colors and their seamless blending through drip like application of paint. Two of Yang’s works, both untitled, show the bleeding of colors such as dark navy into a space of bright green making the two colors simultaneously more powerful through this contrast. Small touches of pinks and yellows fill the backgrounds of most of Yang’s work. Like a bowl of sherbet or a tropical sunset these touches give each piece a sense of calm, warmth, and comfort.

                Yang shows a definite visual aesthetic through these similar themes while simultaneously keeping each piece unique and independent. The artist tactfully achieves a unified collection of art without creating a sense of redundancy making Instinctive Landscape a visual delight.

 photos by Patrick Rowe, 2012

This exhibition is part of the Student Exhibition Spaces Program coordinated by the Center for Career and Professional Development at Pratt Institute.  All current students can submit work for inclusion in future exhibitions by emailing for more information.


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