May 2, 2012

"Drawings" Graduate Thesis (FA 661A) Exhibition in the East One Gallery

 By: Carolyn Osorio , Theory, Criticism and History of Art Undergraduate Student (2013)

The Fine Arts Graduate students currently on display in the East One Gallery
 show a variety of subtle works filled with visceral textures. From mixed media
to simple ink on paper, each work makes the viewer want to reach out and touch
the surface. From the rough cut paper edges of Corbey Bunn’s Nail to the organic
 lines of Jessica Rae Ecker’s We’re All Hungry the show displays a crafts sensibility
that makes it immediately accessible. The subdued colors and unfinished effects of
each work project a relaxed atmosphere free of the restraints of formal rigidity.

Jessica Rae Ecker
We're All Hungry
Displayed together, these
works serve to create a
domain of peaceful folk
like art that pulls the
viewer in with its calm
aura. The charred,
burned effect present in
Kyungah Choi’s Untitled
gives a brittle quality to
the piece while the grid
like structure of the lower
half suggests a contrasting
sense of stability.

Meanwhile, the Xeroxed Diaries of Eoni invite the viewer to flip through years of doodles and notes giving insight into the artist’s mind as they developed their artistic voice.These works all welcome the viewer with their soft and inviting format. The minimalist aspects of this show contain none of the cold, hard edged and mechanical compositions people have come to expect from contemporary art. Instead, the viewer finds the imperfect hand of the artist present in each work, proudly displayed and even celebrated in this alluring show

Photos by Lauren Smith.

This exhibition is part of the Student Exhibition Spaces Program coordinated by the Center for Career and Professional Development at Pratt Institute.  All current students can submit work for inclusion in future exhibitions by emailing for more information.

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