April 9, 2012

Matice McMillan, Solo Show in the Alcove Gallery

 By: Carolyn Osorio , Theory, Criticism and History of Art Undergraduate Student (2013)

Circle, Square, Triangle 2012, tracing paper and sharpie
When you first walk into the Student Affairs Office in the Main Building, you almost miss the orderly works of Matice McMillan. So subtle are her geometric creations, that it’s easy to overlook them amongst the hectic elements of the office. Upon further inspection, however, it becomes clear that there is a very deliberate formula being represented along the walls. The main and largest wall of the office (also referred to as the Alcove Gallery) contains small wooden blocks of various shapes with a modest screw embedded in the center. Their extreme simplicity is actually highly theoretical, and the geometric sharpie drawings along the other walls of the gallery contest to the artist’s clearly conceptually driven vision.

Matice describes this work as being predominately motivated by her need for exact and correct answers. “The work I create is based on a mathematical formula known as a permutation formula. I use math as the center for my work because I am interested in the results that, if calculated correctly cannot be wrong.” The precision of her forms and the attention given to their geometric qualities show a definite and fundamental connection to mathematics.  The linear aspects of this exhibition leave the viewer with an uncluttered, direct approach to art that’s both perplexing and accessible.

Big Square, Small Square 2012, wood and screws
 “The strict outcomes give me satisfaction that cannot be explained other than saying that it is because it provides me with a way to work wear I am always pleased with the outcome.”

Exhibition Photos by Lauren Smith

This exhibition is part of the Student Exhibition Spaces Program coordinated by the Center for Career and Professional Development at Pratt Institute.  All current students can submit work for inclusion in future exhibitions by emailing ccpdprograms@gmail.com for more information.

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