February 17, 2012

Peer Book Report: Chris Gore's Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide 3rd Edition

Chris Gore's Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, By Chris Gore

Putting yourself out there is a hard step to take as a student or beginning professional. When it comes to presenting a film or animation at a festival, the larger audience may become quite overwhelming. Contrasting the typical, cut and dry career advice book, Chris gore manages to add a touch of humor to his survival guide. This book is designed to shape up any filmmaker or animator who may want to submit their film in a festival and how to go about the process. Gore even includes a list of different festivals, making it easy for any genre of film to find a suitable one. He includes strategies, such as:

  • How to apply to a festival
  • Components that make up a good film
  • Writing a powerful synopsis
  • Marketing techniques
  • How to follow through after the festival

On a side note, the book contains a whimsical layout as well as pictures, making it super easy to read. Even for those who are not looking to be involved with the filmmaking process can benefit from the marketing tips that Gore includes.

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