January 25, 2012

Peer Book Report: I'd rather be in the studio by Alyson B. Stanfield

 I'd rather be in the studio:
The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion
Alyson B. Stanfield

As artists we may not realize that we build a brick wall between us and opportunity. Often, we make excuses that we can't work, we can't get ourselves out there, and that we can't find ways to be successful. The studio may be where we find inspiration, but that shouldn't be the only place. We shouldn't confine ourselves to the studio walls surrounding us; we should throw ourselves into the world and take charge of our art lives. Alyson B. Stanfield reveals her secrets of self-promotion that have already enhanced many art careers. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of promoting our careers. Personal skills and internet marketing strategies are what we need to board the train of success! Jump on and take advantage of all this book has to offer. Within the pages you'll also find:
  • How to define your goals and plan your dream track of success
  • How to build your mailing list, inventory your artwork and organize the rest of your information
  • How to put yourself at ease and free your creative mind
  • How to prepare your artist statement and separate your artwork from others 
  • How to polish your image and create a knock out portfolio
  • How to amplify your online presence
In the words of Alyson B. Stanfield, "Go after your career with gusto." But if I were you, I'd start with reading this book! Get this book and others by visiting the Career Services office in East Hall.

To see other books in our library, see our collection at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/prattcareer.

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