December 15, 2011

A Farewell from a Peer

That's me on the right (front) with the fishface.

Hey guys! I'm Christee Curran, one of the Peers who updates the Pratt Success Blog, mostly doing the Peer Book Reports, where I review the career development books we have here in the Career Services Office at Pratt. I am graduating this semester, and I will be starting the New Year fresh out of school as a freelance illustrator. I'm a little scared, but very excited. I don't know exactly where I'll wind up, but wherever it may be, I'll work as hard as I can to get there. I am thankful for all of the connections with the friends, classmates, faculty, and staff members I have made over the past three and a half years (I transferred here from Rutgers MGSA). I also feel privileged to have been involved with the Career Services office from my very first week at Pratt, in September of 2008.

Now, as a "Super-Senior," I would like to offer some parting words of humble advice. It is not enough to go to Pratt and do your homework, counting down the days each semester when you know you will be met with either a Winter or Summer Break. Pratt is what you make of it, like anything else you will experience in your life. Those eight semesters will come one after the other and end sooner than you think, and once you're in the "real world" (I hate that term), you will find yourself reminiscing about the miserable all-nighters in studio and the cryptic crits of frazzling professors. My recommendation is to be proactive from the beginning: it starts with getting involved with campus clubs and organizations, but it can extend to getting involved with internships and jobs. The connections you forge here can have surprising rewards. They did for me, and I wouldn't change anything. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to stop by East One for some career counseling and a good book!

Best wishes and have a Happy New Year,


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