December 16, 2011

Career Coffee Break: Erwin Gorostiza

Erwin Gorostiza is a Pratt Alum working as the Creative Director at RCA Music Group. He graduated in 1988 with a B.F.A in Graphic Design and spoke with us about his experience in school and after he graduated.
Career Coffee Break is a program run by the Peer Counselors in the Peer to Peer Program in Pratt Institute's Office of Career Services. The Peer Counselors bring coffee to Pratt Alumni in their studio and interview them on what life is like after graduation.

If you are a Pratt Alumni and want to participate in this project, email and let them know how you take your coffee.

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  1. Great to hear from Erwin. I knew him back in his early days when he was a young creative rocket seeking a launch pad. A fabulous communicator and a pleasure to listen to - even on a web video.