September 30, 2011

Peer Book Report: Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers

Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers by Linda Tain

The fashion industry is perhaps one of the most fast-paced and competitive industries in the world of design--it is also infamous as one of the harshest. As a fashion designer, your portfolio needs to stand out that much more from the rest of your peers. Linda Tain, a long time professor at FIT, and fashion designer, illustrator and consultant, knows this better than anyone, and she has put together this 3rd edition of what is a truly extraordinary guide to assembling an exceptional fashion design portfolio. Tain's exploration of the many different components to the fashion designer's portfolio is an informative, illustrative, and thorough guide for any designer wishing to enter (or re-enter) this job market. In this book, you can find:
  • examples of successful portfolio cases and content
  • specs on illustrative flats
  • examples and processes of presentation boards and mood boards
  • age and gender customer market guidelines
  • covers children's, activewear, knitwear, accessories, juniors, and men's fashion (along with women's)
  • tips for and examples of successful fashion illustration
  • sample markdown log sheets
  • interview tips and sample cover letters and resumes
  • FAQ section, glossary of industry terms, supply lists and sources/ brands list
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