September 8, 2011

Internship Success: PromaxBDA

Raymond Miller, Film 2011
Place of internship: PromaxBDA,

During his senior year at Pratt, Raymond realized he had an interest in the advertising industry, but had no experience or knowledge of it. He decided to meet with a career counselor in our office and get some insight on where to begin, which is how he discovered PromaxBDA.

Promax is a non-profit, full-service association for promotion and marketing professionals working in broadcast media and advertising. Every year they hold a week long conference in New York City, which includes lectures, discussions, exhibits, screenings, and networking opportunities. Raymond was accepted to be a part of this conference, where he provided event support and hospitality, got to sit in on any event happening in the conference, and was provided housing, meals, and a stipend for the week.

Raymond says the best part about his internship experience was his opportunity to network and make contacts, as well as sit in on lectures and talks he never would have been exposed to otherwise. His advice for students seeking internships: There are lots of options if you know exactly what you want from an internship. Contact them and ask questions.

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