March 9, 2011

Special Alumni Feature: Cooper Miller

Graduating from Pratt majoring in film/video in 2004, Cooper Miller has created a good career for himself. In 2009 he established his production company, Demonstrous, which works in all aspects of media production including graphic design, product branding, and motion graphics. His clientele has covered a wide gambit such as politicians, local shop owners as well as major advertising firms.

Transposition - a working class portrait from Cooper Miller on Vimeo.

The documentary portrait Transposition focuses on the life of Jeff Richey. This piece exploring the intertwining lives of one man trying to sustain his living and make his art in Denton, Texas was produced and edited by Miller. Another feature of the documentary is the subject, Richey, who is the father of the filmmaker, Juliette Richey, also a Pratt alumnus and Miller's wife. Moreover relationships with artistic friends have allowed for his artistic development. Miller had worked for many years with a visual artist who helped develop his understanding of how far reaching art was in nearly all professional industries.

As far as doing mainstream work some of Miller’s clients have included Sony Music and Royal Caribbean International. Having worked in the commercial world he has experience with the regimented demands of contracted work. Miller though prefers work that leads to collaborative opportunities with other creative individuals. Creating the tools and mediums meant to fulfill needs and desires is what he cites as the most exciting challenge in his work.

Though his professional work has allowed him to travel and work in exotic places he by choice remains based in Brooklyn. Miller is highly active in local community movements and arts scenes. He openly endorses projects that are meant to engage community and support DIY culture.

Being able to work on one’s own terms is the mark of a good artist according to Miller. Even more importantly being able to make creative compromises is what he considers to be the mark of a successful artist. Surrounding himself with like minded creative individuals Miller has found to be what has advanced his success.

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