October 20, 2010

Career Coffee Break: Tiffany Burnette

CAREER COFFEE BREAK: Tiffany Burnette from Peer to Peer on Vimeo.

Pratt Institute Alumnus, Master of Fine Arts, Industrial Design 2008

We met with Tiffany over coffee in Park Slope and talked about her current projects and company, Design Hype. Tiffany is still hard at work in the world of ID, a field which she has proclaimed a sincere love for. One of her latest works is the Metro-Cuff. It's a bracelet that actually has a major metropolitan transit map inscribed into it. The bracelet combines function with sleek style, creating a modern ready-made.


Interviewed by Jenny Elfanbaum, Raymond Miller, and L.J. McNearney

Edited and Posted by Raymond Miller and Angeline Ucci

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