September 27, 2010

Online Spotlight: Arielle Scarcella

Pratt Talent

Ariella Scarcella recently graduated Pratt in May 2008 with a BFA in Art Direction. She's now a YouTube partner and also works in advertising in San Antonio, TX. Arielle's work is pretty eye-catching with its quirky imagery and sarcastic, humorous undertones. Her concepts are original, and her subject matter is extremely accessible--but from here I'll let her work speak for itself!

Arielle shared that the most beneficial classes she took while here at Pratt were Josh Tretin and Joel Tavlin’s interactive advertising classes. She also added that she thought the Art Direction department needed new directions in terms of developing more classes and hiring more faculty who are well-versed in interactive and online video media. Arielle was so adamant about this point because that is exactly the type of work she is currently doing: she works on websites, banner ads, and social networking ideas.
When I asked Arielle if she had any advice regarding the Advertising industry, she said this:
"The industry is getting so big; I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make it in advertising. Advertising is no joke. While you are still in school, bust your ass. Make friends with the teachers you really love, and make all the connections that you can. Keep especially focused on mobile and online media."
Thanks Arielle! You provided some really valuable feedback.

Posted by Christee Curran

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