February 2, 2010

Career Coffee Break - Zachary Feltoon

CAREER COFFEE BREAK: Zachary Feltoon from Peer to Peer on Vimeo.

Pratt Institute Alumnus, Bachelors of Industrial Design, 2008

We met with Zachary at his studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  He gave us an overview of his life now, and how Pratt has contributed thus far.  Starting his own design firm with a friend from Pratt, David Wright, he gave us insight as to what it was like starting a business young, and working with a partner.  Successful and driven, he continues to make furniture and products that reflect the environment in which they reside in.


Interviewed by L.J. McNerney and Micah Bozeman
Edited by L.J. McNerney

Posted by L.J. McNerney