November 23, 2009


Sam Wohl, Fine Arts

            Sam Wohl graduated Pratt in 2007 and currently works and lives in Shanghai, China. His energetic paintings and drawings were featured in a group show in 2008, Vivid Wild, at Fort Gallery in Oakland, California; as well as a solo show in 2005 at Nuez Bar in NYC. Sam's work ranges from illustrations to public projects. 

The most interesting project is Nuclear Squirrel Nuclear Winter. The project involves hiding caches in plain sight disguised as forms of urban public plumming or electrical work. Contents may be simple necessities, day to day valuables, or useless, superficial objects. These time capsules are locked and hidden throughout Brooklyn. 

Visit Sam's website to learn more about Nuclear Squirrel Nuclear Winter and discover where these caches are hidden.

Post: Angel Ucci

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