October 15, 2009


Josh Koury, Media Arts & Film/Video
Website: http://www.joshkoury.com/
On Pratt Talent: http://pratt-talent.com/browse.php/portfolio/1055/9648/8/s

Josh graduated from Pratt in May of 2001 with a degree in Film and Video, and since then he has worked, supported, and created within the film industry. He has previously worked as a programmer for the Hamptons International Film Festival, which is in its 15th year of production. Since 2004, he has been the Programming Director and Co-Founder of The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival. As for personal work, he has created three documentaries: Richard Shakes (2001), Standing By Yourself (2002), and his most recent, We Are Wizards (2008), a documentary about the subculture surrounding the Harry Potter series.

Josh is currently an instructor in the Film/Video and Photography department at the Pratt Institute

Posted by: L.J. McNerney

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