October 9, 2009


J.M. DeSantis, Computer Animation 
Website: www.jmdesantis.com 
On pratt talent: http://pratt-talent.com/browse.php/portfolio/1237/12570/16/s 

          J.M. DeSantis has used his knowledge of illustration and writing to enter the Comicbook world. His work falls mostly under the horror and fantasy genre and his written experience include short stories, poetry, novels, graphic novels, and comic strips. In January of 2009 J.M. was the featured artist of Heavy Metal Magazine and has also written and illustrated two stories for Planet Lovecraft Magazine. He is a current member of the New York Chapter of the Comicbook Artists Guild and will be featured at the New York Comic Con and the Big Apple Con. Be sure to check out his art and writing at his extensive website.

Posted by: Angel Ucci

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