October 14, 2009

Online Spotlight – Goran Krstic

Goran Krstic, Communication Design 
Website: http://www.gorankrstic.com
On Pratt Talent: http://pratt-talent.com/browse.php/portfolio/1179/10823/0/s

Communication Design major Goran Krstic gradated from Pratt in 2007. Since then he has worked on various projects in a wide range of media which include both design and illustration. Krstic’s work has also expanded to include motion graphics.
Krstic often works as a freelance designer doing projects such as clothing, company logos and music advertisements. Among his freelance work he has worked with Hush Studios where he worked on the studios promotional branding as well as the title sequence for a film.
More notably Krstic’s work was featured on the cover of CMYK magazine’s 38th issue in fall 2007. He also worked on the “Identity” project poster, which was featured within that same issue of CMYK magazine.
Krstic currently is based out of New York City. To see more of his work and to get more information about Krstic visit his website.

Posted by: Raymond Miller

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