September 18, 2009

Online Spotlight - Ryan Rutherford

          Ryan Rutherford, Industrial Design
After being hired a day before graduating as an Industrial Design Major in 2003, Ryan had the opportunity to develop the design department of the New Jersey based JW Pet Company, from the ground up. Since then the company has experienced significant expansion, while receiving critical praise, as well as financial success.
Many of the products produced by JW Pet Co. have a holistic design approach, giving consideration to both pet and pet owner’s comfort and ability to use the products. More recently Ryan has started a new line of dog toys designed sustainably, using recyclable materials and produced in a solar powered facility in New Jersey.
More recently Ryan has reached out to the Pratt Community by hiring recent Pratt grads onto his design team at JW.
Ryan currently holds the position of Manager of Product Development at JW.

Posted by Raymond Miller

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