September 25, 2009


Nikki Kurt, Graphic Designer 
On Pratt talent:  

Nikki Kurt, Brooklyn based Graphic Designer, describes herself as a conceptual problem solver who loves branding, packaging, and interface design. With the help of career services, upon graduation she landed a full-time job designing for Babyboom Consumer Products and has been with Lango Kids Brooklyn working on branding artwork and print material. 
She has also been doing freelance work, including the creation of four websites since graduating in 2008. Partnering with a fellow alumni she created a website for up and coming Alabama company, Designseed, which can be seen at Nikki also designed, a website for a new fashion designer who recently showed at Fashion Week 2009. Nikki advises the importance of a personal website when trying to promote yourself as a fresh graduate in the industry. Be sure to check out her own website, which displays her eye for simple, creative, and personal designs.
Posted by: Angel Ucci

September 18, 2009

Online Spotlight - Ryan Rutherford

          Ryan Rutherford, Industrial Design
After being hired a day before graduating as an Industrial Design Major in 2003, Ryan had the opportunity to develop the design department of the New Jersey based JW Pet Company, from the ground up. Since then the company has experienced significant expansion, while receiving critical praise, as well as financial success.
Many of the products produced by JW Pet Co. have a holistic design approach, giving consideration to both pet and pet owner’s comfort and ability to use the products. More recently Ryan has started a new line of dog toys designed sustainably, using recyclable materials and produced in a solar powered facility in New Jersey.
More recently Ryan has reached out to the Pratt Community by hiring recent Pratt grads onto his design team at JW.
Ryan currently holds the position of Manager of Product Development at JW.

Posted by Raymond Miller

Online Spotlight- Aki Carpenter

             Aki Carpenter, Graphic Designer

Aki is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn who works in the exhibition museum design industry, among many other things. Her designs are colorful, upbeat, and expertly executed. She graduated from Pratt in 2004 with a BFA in Graphic Design and has worked in print to interactive to exhibition since graduation.
In 2004 she did illustration and coloring for two limited edition Nike series called Japanese Tattoo and Navigation and is cofounder of Brooklyn Outloud, a nonprofit organization, which has united with other organizations to do community service projects including Brotherhood Sister Sol., New York Cares, and Street Project New York Cares. 

Aki has also taught graduate courses at Pratt and co-runs an online artist collective, 3R5: The Artist Foundation.
Posted by: Angel Ucci

September 15, 2009


Reid Hawkins, Communication Design/Graphic Design

Reid’s work as a graphic designer combines his skills as a fine artist, with his knowledge of technology to create works that are pleasing as well as useful. Reid’s work consists of interactive media, including interfaces and website design, print, motion, and photography.

His website has plenty of things to check out, from biography and resume, to works and contact information. My favorite piece happens to be one of his prints, an l.e.i. jeans ad that is completely original, both idea and photograph.

Posted by: L.J. McNerney

September 10, 2009


Jennifer Heuer, Communications Design/Graphic Design

On Pratt Talent:

From original works to illustrations, typography, and photography, Jennifer’s work covers a wide range of subjects. Currently working for HarperCollins Publishers, she designs book covers and interiors, as well as manages and directs photographers and renown illustrators to meet deadlines. She has worked with editors, as well as managed an average of 60 books per year, from concept to execution.

Jennifer’s website has a great layout as well as a clear exhibition of her graphic designs and other fine pieces. Book covers seem to be her forte; her creation of different fonts and utilization of modern typography help to give the book title not only a name, but an attitude.


Posted By: L.J. McNerney


Laura McCabe, Illustrator

On Pratt Talent:

Laura’s colorful imagery features a meandering line quality that gives her work a lively and personable feel. Her editorial illustrations, created on paper with ink, gouache, and acrylic paint, have been featured in newspapers and magazines, as well as in exhibitions in both New York and Rhode Island.

Laura’s website has several features – make sure to check out her blog, where she posts updates of her new miniature paintings and drawings, and buy originals, prints and cards at her Etsy store.

Contact: laura (at)

Posted By: Annie Beth Ericsson