April 24, 2009

Pratt Show Success: Senior Jewelry

The Peer Counselors got a sneak peek at the work of Pratt’s Jewelry majors at their Senior Thesis Show, held March 26th – April 8th in the Design Center Gallery on campus. One of the most striking trends among the best of the entries was the use of elements from nature. In the midst of this Brooklyn environment, it was refreshing to see so many designers draw from details of living things.
The senior to best utilize elements of the natural world was Carrie Bilbo, in her series “The Attachment of Fear.” Headdresses and necklaces from the branch of a tree or the pattern of a cicada wing created stunning negative shapes across the face and figure. The insects and trees were meant to seemingly wrap themselves around the human body - one that instinctively is afraid of them. We, however, found the jewelry much too beautiful to fear.
Another artist who combined precious metals with living subjects was Julia Seltzer. She not only drew inspiration from plants, but used live samples growing within her designs. These tiny miniatures proved that less is more - the temporary materials make a unique visual statement, while still remaining the most delicately wearable.
Rachel Schuster’s “Trans-Plant” stood out in concept as well as craft. Schuster illustrated themes from nature in a more social context, such as genetically modified foods, DNA, and cloning. Pea pods, and other everyday objects, were repeated and transformed into necklaces and other jewelry. We especially loved that red velvet was used to line the inside of a bloody tomato, a box resembling a quartered pig, and a "cash cow" money clip. Not only did we want to wear Schuster's designs, but we wanted to talk about them.
Missed the show and want to see the jewelry in person?
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Review by Annie Beth Ericsson

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