April 17, 2009

Jacob Gossett, EastOne Gallery

Review by Cat Metayer

Jacob Gossett is in his junior year as a painting major. He combines his interests of film and painting in his recent show at East One Gallery in East Hall. The show features immense canvases with differing degrees of paint application. Like a patchwork design, the geometric shapes feature painted segments; some striped, some with paint applied solidly as if with a butter knife, some where the bristles of the paintbrush have left their trail with purpose, some where the brush has barely touched the white background, and some with Tetris shapes, fitting into the layered geometry . The resulting manifestation is a dimensional, static, and wholly engulfing wall of shapes and colors. The bright colors and vast array of painting styles and techniques make practically each square inch different from its neighbors. Each painting takes close examination to appreciate every painstaking tier; the different patches of color and direction have differing levels of paint, the layers apparent at each segment edge where they meet, and one is generally significantly taller than the other, creating a tangible dimension. Gossett says of his own work:

“…when examined at a close distance the hand in the painting shows itself. This serves as a metaphor for the complex relationship between technology and man, the synthetic and the organic. The paintings in their totality allude to vast fields of digital noise, a mess that surrounds us that is constantly being tweaked in search of perfection.”

The paintings themselves are severely reminiscent of the ‘digital influence.’ The show has been described by viewers as similar to the fractured and brightly colored stalled images of a scrambled digital cable feed, or the television test pattern bars combined with the snowy static. Gossett’s work and information about his upcoming shows can be seen at www.jacobgossett.com.

This exhibition is part of the Student Exhibition Spaces Program coordinated by the Center for Career and Professional Development at Pratt Institute.  All current students can submit work for inclusion in future exhibitions by emailing ccpdprograms@gmail.com for more information.

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