February 6, 2009

Barbara Ann Levy - Life After Pratt

I am happy to share some of my success.

I have had two art galleries: one in NYC in Chelsea for two years and another one on The Fire Island National Seashore for 9 years in Cherry Grove, NY. I have organized approximately 100 exhibits and other events and have shown over 100 artists. Many of them went on to have solo hows in NYC and elsewhere.

This happened very spontaneously and as a whim by a friend of mine and I when we spotted an empty storefront at the beach one day. He looked at me and I looked at him and we created one show with the permission of the storefront owner. My friend decided to pull out since he wanted to be the artist and I became the sole dealer. I created a summer seasonal resort gallery and it was up and running from 1997-2006. Artists introduced themselves to me and to their friends and I took many risks and showed many artists who simply walked right in off the beach to show me their art. It was fun and the business had a life of its own. This ended, however, three years post-9/11. Exhibits received wonderful reviews from magazines like Art In America and Art News.

Mind you... I am an artist with an MFA in Painting and an MPS in Art Therapy (Pratt), not an art historian, however, I was successful regardless. I got the attention of the international art community this past year when my gallery was invited to participate in The Bridge Art Fair in the Wynwood section of Miami.

So all of this can happen to you too.

My tips: Follow your dreams (your heart), stay open and "wait on the will of heaven".

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  1. Here is the last post without spelling errors! I would love to receive submissions of brief articles by Pratt students or grads on any of the arts; your own or your experiences in the art world at large. Jpegs can also be forwarded with the article to support it.

    I also invite you to look at my "WPB/NYC and Anything Else" blog at http://wpbartcritic.blogspot.com/ and my online store/gallery on Zatista.com at https://www.zatista.com/store/index/The-Barbara-Ann-Levy-Gallery.

    My gallery website which may soon go by way of the camel so to speak is at www.balgallery.com.