November 20, 2007

Intern to Employee


I graduated in May with a degree in traditional animation. Ever since high school I’ve wanted to work in the animation industry, especially stop-motion. I knew that the industry in general is small and tight, and that stop-motion is especially difficult to break into. With the help of one of my professors, I secured an (unpaid) internship at Bent Image Lab, a studio in Portland, Oregon that specializes in stop-motion animation. There are very few studios like it anywhere, and my professor assured me that my internship would most likely lead to paid work and would be a great opportunity to prove myself to industry folk. So I took the risk and moved to a city I’d never even visited so I could maybe one day have my dream job. I worked for free for two months on some pretty cool projects including an independent feature film and a music video. In august I got hired as an art department assistance and have been working full time since. I’ve helped with puppet, set, and prop fabrication and also done some set dressing for several commercials currently airing on TV. I love it! I guess the risk was worth it.

Posted by Micah Bozeman

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